cultural detective iconWhat is Cultural Detective® and What Can It Do For You?

Cultural Detective is a unique intercultural competence tool grounded in developmental theory, yet simple to use and very practical. It provides the ongoing, structured, personalized learning that research has shown is key to developing intercultural competence in individuals and organizations.

The series’ process and content are available via online subscription (CD Online) or printable licensed PDFs. Use of the materials does not require certification, however facilitator certification workshops are available for those who wish to make the most of this extremely powerful and flexible tool.

The process-based nature of Cultural Detective allows for ongoing use and continuous improvement, helps prevent stereotyping, and encourages meaningful dialogue. The Cultural Detective Method develops culture-general and culture-specific competence through the use of context-specific Critical Incidents, personal and team reflection, and Values Lenses highlighting the core values of each culture. Content and process are easily incorporated into existing coaching and training programs. The Cultural Detective Method can be used to make sense of one’s own life experiences and for real-time conflict resolution and teambuilding.

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Our flagship product, Cultural Detective Online, is used by individuals and organizations committed to developing their abilities to collaborate across cultures, and in blended-learning approaches to supplement and reinforce face-to-face or simultaneous learning. CD Online combines more than 50 of the series’ packages into one integrated and easy-to-use system. Subscribers receive a personal virtual intercultural coach that is available anytime, anywhere, online—and access to over 400 critical incidents involving people from 90 cultures and spanning multiple industries and professional functions.

Trainers, managers, teachers, coaches, and group leaders can use Cultural Detective Online to provide ongoing structured learning—the key to developing and maintaining intercultural competence! Groups can be set up to share real-life Critical Incidents with each other and help one another learn. Subscriptions are very affordable—less than US$100 for a full year’s access:

Would you like a complimentary trial subscription to Cultural Detective Online? Just register for one of our free Webinars, take a tour, and learn how you can use Cultural Detective Online to enhance intercultural competence personally, professionally, and in your organization:
Site License Provides maximum flexibility for organizations with over 100 users. Price varies according to organizational needs. If you need printable handouts or want to integrate the Cultural Detective Method into your existing curriculum or programs, a site license may be your most flexible and affordable approach.

Method License
Some organizations have requested that we make the Cultural Detective Model and Debrief Worksheets available for use with their own critical incidents. This approach provides flexibility and full access to the methodology, but no access to content.

PDF Package License
Cultural Detective materials can be purchased as licensed, limited-use PDFs for those desiring printable training or coaching materials. Click here to learn what is included in a PDF package, and here to see package descriptions.

Our Cultural Detective Team and Certified Facilitators are ready and able to provide Consulting, Training, and Coaching in person, by telephone, or Skype.

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EcotonosEcotonos: A Simulation for Collaborating Across Cultures
authored by Dianne Hofner Saphiere

A powerful and extremely adaptable simulation, Ecotonos breaks the usual stereotypes and barriers. Participants improve their skills and strategies for multicultural collaboration and teamwork. Ecotonos can be used multiple times with the same people by selecting a new problem and different variables, with each replay offering new and different cross-cultural perspectives. The simulation and debriefing require a minimum of two hours.

The new, fourth edition Ecotonos comes with cultural nametags, 30 sets of rule cards, three case studies, three team tasks, debrief instructions to complete the simulation in two hours, explanation of the intercultural theory inherent in the simulation, full instructions for using the various handouts on intercultural collaboration, and expanded sections on adapting Ecotonos to a variety of cultures and situations, all contained in a convenient plastic carrying case (US$249). To order click here. For inquiries, please contact the Intercultural Communication Institute, tel +1-503-297-4622.

RedundanciaRedundancia: A Foreign Language Simulation

This classic simulation requires 10 minutes to conduct and about 30 to debrief. Participants experience speaking a language non-fluently, how it affects their ability to stay focused and connected with the listener, and their own feelings of competence and confidence. Participants also experience listening to second language speakers, and their own tendencies to help or to become distracted.

A Starter Kit (US$85) includes Facilitator Manual and 20 User DiscoveryGuides; additional sets of 20 DiscoveryGuides are available (US$24.95). To order click here. For inquiries please contact the Intercultural Communication Institute, tel +1-503-297-4622.