• Have you ever wished for a readily accessible way to learn more about the cultures you interact with?
  • Have you ever wondered how different they really are from you?
  • Have you ever been puzzled by a negotiation that faltered, a meeting the fizzled, an interview that failed?

GlobeSmart® was designed for people like you—busy professionals who need high-quality, practical information about multiple cultures, on a moment’s notice. Based on substantial research in over 90 countries, GlobeSmart provides a window into other cultures, as well as a window into your own.

This Industry-Leading, Cultural Intelligence Tool Provides:

  • Rich, country-specific information on how to conduct business effectively with people from over 90 countries — available online, in printed report format, or on-the-go from your mobile device
  • The GlobeSmart Profile, an online cultural inventory, that enables individuals to discover and compare their own unique work-styles and get advice on how to work more effectively with other cultures and colleagues.
  • Learning Paths to guide you through robust country-specific knowledge in a step-by-step format. Or, explore the Cultural Foundations Learning Path for an overview of the impact of culture in the workplace and a deeper dive into the GlobeSmart Profile dimensions of culture.
  • A simple, validated, self-assessment questionnaire, available in 14 languages, that instantly creates an individual’s profile of work-style preferences
  • Video scenarios and interactive exercises that illustrate core cultural dimensions that play out in the work place
  • Audio recordings of key names and phrases, spoken in the local language of the GlobeSmart country


  • Key Features
  • Academic Discount
  • Global Business Knowledge at Your Fingertips
    Provides instant access to information on communicating effectively, managing and training employees, and improving relationships with colleagues, customers, and suppliers from around the world.

  • Practical Examples for Skill Building
    Includes tests and case studies based on typical business scenarios. Test your knowledge and receive immediate feedback with suggested GlobeSmart content to build knowledge and skills.

  • Global Application
    Designed to be used effectively by professionals around the world. Multilingual sections enable non-native English speakers to utilize some of the tool's most interactive features.

  • GlobeSmart Profile℠ 
    One of the strongest cultural inventories in the market, it identifies potential challenges between different work-styles and provides dynamically generated advice and concrete strategies to pave the way for increased business success. Available in 13 languages, the GlobeSmart Profile has been leveraged by over 800,000 individuals as a resource to support their global business interactions.

  • Continuous Updates and Firsthand Perspectives
    Contribute to GlobeSmart content by sharing your experiences, uploading multimedia, or by asking a question to our network of GlobeSmart Advisors. These invaluable contributions are integrated directly into GlobeSmart content for easy reference. Many topics include short videos featuring a country expert offering additional insights and advice.

A Special Students-Only Rate, offered through a partnership between the Intercultural Communication Institute and Aperian Global, allows students to access GlobeSmart throughout a six-month period for only $50.

To register: http://learning.aperianglobal.com/start/globesmart-ICI/